Scalypso – Software for the management and evaluation of 3D scanner data

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bimScalypso is a software suite for analysis and reconstruction tasks using terrestrial or underwater 3D laser scanning data. It is developed with the expertise of 10 years working with 3D laser scanning devices and 3D modelling tools in practise.

Modelling of 3D elements in Scalypso is based on interactive 2.5D range image views, which can be generated using additional reflectance or colour information. This approach significantly eases the interaction with the acquired 3D point cloud data. To speed-up reconstruction times, Scalypso provides interfaces to transfer reconstructed 3D elements to CAD applications in real-time (e.g., Allplan, AutoCAD, MicroStation or ZWCAD+).

3d as built

3D CAD as built out of an Point Cloud

Scalypso supports a wide range of different scanning hardware. This allows the selection of adequate scanner devices specific for each project. After converting the laser scanning data into the Scalypso format, the same tools can be used for the reconstruction, independently of the used Hardware.


By using the BIM, Steel- and Pipe Modul you can create very easy 3D CAD Models out of Scalypso

Scalypso is developed in a modular manner, allowing it to start with a standard version that adapts the needs for current projects and can be enhanced step by step to fit future requirements.

Scalypso tools eases and speeds-up your analysis, interpretation, and reconstruction workflows. This productivity boosts helps our customers to save time and money in their every day work.


Underwater scan of an Subea-Pipeline converted into a 3D Model


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