Sahara® Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

The first tool designed for live inspection of large diameter water mains, the Sahara® Pipeline Inspection System is one of the most accurate tools available for detecting leaks, pockets of trapped gas, and structural defects in complex networks of large diameter water mains.

How it works:

Sahara® pipeline inspections are conducted while the main remains in service by inserting a sensor into any tap 2″ (50 mm) or larger. A small drag chute uses the flow of water to draw the sensor through the pipeline.

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SmartBall® Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA)

The SmartBall® Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA) tool is a free-swimming technology used to identify stress in the pipe wall of pressurized metallic pipelines.

PWA technology builds on and has been incorporated into Pure’s SmartBall inline leak detection platform. The SmartBall platform has been widely used by utilities around the world to identify leaks and gas pockets. The technology has been improved to detect wall stress — areas of the pipe wall with damage will be under more stress than areas with limited or no damage.

SmartBall PWA Capabilities

  • Identify each pipe joint and most appurtenances, valves etc.
  • Identify material changes, repairs
  • Identify damaged pipes
  • Estimate the damage levels of those pipes indicate the position along each pipe where damage is located
  • Estimate when damage is at the crown of the pipe
  • Precisely indicate the position of each damaged pipe relative to known points


Scalypso – Software for the management and evaluation of 3D scanner data

bimScalypso is a software suite for analysis and reconstruction tasks using terrestrial or underwater 3D laser scanning data. It is developed with the expertise of 10 years working with 3D laser scanning devices and 3D modelling tools in practise.

Modelling of 3D elements in Scalypso is based on interactive 2.5D range image views, which can be generated using additional reflectance or colour information. This approach significantly eases the interaction with the acquired 3D point cloud data. To speed-up reconstruction times, Scalypso provides interfaces to transfer reconstructed 3D elements to CAD applications in real-time (e.g., Allplan, AutoCAD, MicroStation or ZWCAD+). Weiterlesen

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