Smartball® Oil&Gas a new innovative Technique for leak detection for Oil- and Gas pipelines

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smartball-Oil-InsertRegular and accurate leak detection is an important part of integrity programs for Oil and Gas pipelines. Pure’s SmartBall® technology is highly sensitive tool that can identify leaks that aren’t typically found using other systems.

The platform is ideal for complementing existing integrity programs or as a check on non-piggable Pipelines.

For pipelines 4-inch (100 mm) and larger in diameter, SmartBall offers unparalleled leak sensitivity and accurate location capability. It is easy to deploy and can be used to complement existing pipeline integrity programs or as an integrity check on non-piggable lines. The device consists of an instrumented aluminum core in a urethane shell and contains a range of instrumentation, including an acoustic data acquisition system that listens for leaks as the ball travels through the pipeline.SmartBall differs from conventional inspection pigs, in that is it not a full-diameter instrument. The ball is smaller than the pipe diameter. It rolls silently through the pipeline and the absence of mechanical noise allows unsurpassed acoustic sensitivity. The device can detect pin-hole size leaks as low as 0.03 gallons per minute (0.1 liters/min). This is exponentially more sensitivity than CPM-based leak detection systems; and the advantage increases along with pipeline diameter. Leak location accuracy is within 10 ft. (3 m) and given additional reference points can be even further tightened. The device can be deployed and retrieved using existing pigging facilities. In non-piggable lines, the device can be launched using off-the-shelf fittings. Travel time can last up to 28 hours for 4-inch (100 mm) lines and up to 400 hours for larger lines.

Smartball® is aTrademark of Pure Technologies Ltd.

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