Sahara® Leak & Gas Pocket Detection

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The first tool designed for live inspection of large diameter water mains, the Sahara® Pipeline Inspection System is one of the most accurate tools available for detecting leaks, pockets of trapped gas, and structural defects in complex networks of large diameter water mains.

How it works:

Sahara® pipeline inspections are conducted while the main remains in service by inserting a sensor into any tap 2″ (50 mm) or larger. A small drag chute uses the flow of water to draw the sensor through the pipeline.


The sensor is tethered to the surface, allowing for real-time results, and maximum control and sensitivity. Our surface tracking device allows the position of leaks and other pipeline features to be located to within 18″ (500 mm). With over 2,000 leaks found in 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of inspections, Pure sets a standard in leak detection for large diameter pipelines.


Sahara® Advantages

  • No disruption to pipeline service
  • Use existing 2″ (50 mm) taps
  • Tethered control ensures full control (2,000 Meter fibre optic tether on the winch)
  • Proven sensitivity to leaks as small as 0.005 gal/min (0,02 Liter/min)
  • Over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of inspections
  • Accurate surface tracking to map your pipeline
  • Easy to use in mains 6″ (150 mm) and larger
  • For pipelines of all materials
  • Handles pressures up to 200 PSI (14 Bar)
  • Able to find and map pipelines

Sahara® is a Trademark of Pure Technologies Ltd. Pure logo 2011

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